Copy a theme

You can copy an theme for a model and use it as a template for a new theme in the same model. You can also copy a theme to a different model.

Typically, themes are copied between models that use identical or similar schemas. If the schemas are different, you may have to edit the copied theme to work as expected in the target model.
  1. Next to Model on the Context Graph Visualization toolbar, click to choose the model for which you want to edit a theme.
  2. Click the adjacent Management button .
    This displays the Management page for the selected model.
  3. On the left panel, click Themes.
    This display the names of themes for the model and the date that each one was last modified.
  4. Optional: To filter the list, type all or part of a theme name in the Search box .
  5. Select the check box next to a theme you want to copy, and click the Copy theme button .
    This displays the Copy Theme page.
  6. In the Name box, enter a name for the copied theme.
  7. Optional: To copy a theme to a different model, check the Copy to check box and select the model.
    If the models do not have identical schemas, theme settings may be unset in the copied theme. Unset settings are highlighted by a red border to indicate where you should make changes. These do not prevent you from saving a copied theme to another model, but they will be ignored if you select the theme on the canvas.
  8. You can now add, edit, or delete actions in the copied theme before you save it.
    ToDo this
    Add an action
    • Click the New action button, then click to add an Entity Decoration, Entity Filter, Relationship Decoration, or Relationship Filter.
    Edit an action
    • In the Action box, click the radio box next to an action name, then depending on the action type, edit the Expressions, Style Settings, or Filter Options.
    Copy an action
    • In the Action box, click the radio button next to an action, then click the Copy action button .

      Click the drop-down menu to copy only the expressions in a decoration action to a new filter action, or only the expressions in a filter action to a new decoration action.

    Delete an action
    • In the Action box, click the radio button next to an action, then click the Delete action button .
    For more information about configuring theme settings, see How to create a new theme for a model.
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. Click the Close button to leave the Management page.
This displays the table of themes for the model to which the theme was copied. You will see the name of the copied theme in the Name column.