Context Graph supports several different client interfaces.

Context Graph Visualization
A next generation relationship analysis tool. It presents data in a graphical form, showing the data structure and the relationships among the entities. Analyzing data visually enables users to gain insights they may miss using traditional table-based numeric analysis.
Context Graph Browser
Offers a discovery tool where you can search the contents of models by entering natural-language queries and browsing the results.
Context Graph Stages
Context Graph stages encapsulate Context Graph operations in dataflows. Dataflows are created in Enterprise Designer and executed with the Job Executor or Process Flow Executor client tools. These stages may also be incorporated in service dataflows, which can be accessed as web services or using the Spectrum Technology Platform API.
Relationship Analysis Client
Used to view data in a graphical manner that identifies and depicts structure and relationships between entities. You can also use the tool to manipulate entities and relationships based on their properties and values.
Command Line Interface
The Administration Utility Command Line Interface (CLI) provides Context Graph commands to manage models, view jobs and job status, perform backups, run centrality algorithms, and manage model schemas.