Using Charts

The Charts feature of Relationship Analysis Client enables you to visualize data from a model in graphic format. When you click the View tab, then click the Charts button on the Tools ribbon, you will be prompted to select from four options:

After selecting the type of chart you want to create, you will then need to select criteria on which the chart should be based and click the check mark icon. If the check mark icon appears to be faded, you have not fulfilled the minimum criteria required to create the chart. If no results are returned, that means none of the data in the model met the criteria you selected.

To delete a chart, right-click the chart's tab and select Hide.

Note: If more than one view is open for a given model, the last selected view is the one used for the chart display. If you make changes to values that are used in a chart, you must close the existing chart and relaunch the Charts feature to see the latest values.