Using Data Bar Charts

Data bar charts present numeric data from a model in bar chart format. Therefore, only properties with numeric formats are eligible for use with data bar charts. Data bar charts display each entry for the selected criteria from highest to lowest value. This represents the order of influence within the model, from most influential to least influential. For instance, if you were looking at a model of suspected insurance fraud data, and you selected entities, with _stp_indegree as the property name, you might see a data bar chart that showed a list of providers. The providers who saw the most patients (represented in the model as incoming relationships to the providers) would be at the top of the chart, and the providers who saw the least amount of patients would be at the bottom of the chart.

  1. Select either Entities or Relationships.
  2. Select from the Property Name field whether you want the data bar chart to include incoming counts, outgoing counts, or both.
  3. Click the check mark icon.

You can create multiple data bar charts simply by selecting new criteria and clicking the check mark icon. All data bar charts will appear on the canvas as you create them.