Creating Service Actions

  1. Select the service you want to activate when the monitor finds the data and conditions you are looking for. Both Spectrum and custom services are available in the drop-down list. The fields in that service will appear in the Field Mappings table.
  2. Map fields from your model to input fields in the service.
    • The Source Type defaults to "Entity Property" or "Relationship Property," depending on whether the service action is for an entity or a relationship; you can also select "Literal" to tell the monitor to look for specific text. If the service action is for a relationship, you can also select from "Source Entity" or "Target Entity" as the source type.
    • Select the appropriate property in the Source column drop-down to map it to the field shown in the Field column. If you selected "Literal" as the Source Type, enter the exact text you want the monitor to look for.
  3. Click Options to override the default options for the service you are activating. You can sort the fields by Name or Value.
    Note: Only exposed options will appear in this table.
  4. Click OK twice. Your service monitor is now created.