Monitoring Data

The Relationship Analysis Client can monitor your models for data changes that meet certain conditions. When those conditions have been met, you can designate that an email is sent or a service is run. This kind of automated scrutiny enables you to keep an eye on your data without requiring the time or expense of manual observation. You can simply have an email notification be sent to you or someone else, or you can tell Spectrum Technology Platform to run a service of its own or a custom service that you have created.

You can set monitors for entities or relationships. Conditions for entity monitors are based on entity properties, which are evaluated against literals, or absolute values. For example, you could set a condition on a property called "Nationality" and have a service run when an entity's nationality is "Swedish". Conditions for relationship monitors are based on relationship properties as well as properties for the source and target entities attached to those relationships. As with entity monitors, these properties can be evaluated against literals, but they can also be evaluated against the properties themselves. For example, you could set a condition to look for when a relationship property is equal to that same property on the source or target entity. Likewise, you could set a condition to look for when a source entity's property is equal to that same property on a target entity.

To implement monitoring, you need to assign a name to your monitor, set the conditions under which you want to take action, and set up either an email notification or a service activation.
Note: Before creating an Email Action monitor, you must first set up Notifications in Management Console.

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