element ZoomNamedMapByWindowRequest
diagram mapping_p71.png
namespace http://www.mapinfo.com/midev/service/mapping/v1
type tns:ZoomNamedMapByWindowRequest
content complex
children tns:MapView tns:NamedMap tns:XYEnvelope
Name  Type  Use  Default  Fixed  Annotation
id  xsd:string  optional      
A unique identifier that is returned in the response. It is used for debugging or keeping track of asynchronous requests.
locale  xsd:string  optional      
The language and country code of the request, which is defined using [language_code]_[country_code] syntax. The language code is a 2-letter ISO-639 code. The country code is a 2-letter ISO-3166 code. For example: en_US stands for the English language within the United States of America.
imageMimeType  xsd:string  optional  image/png    
Defines the format of the map image. You must specify the mime type of the image in the format "image/mimetype". The image types supported are png, jpg, and gif.
returnImage  xsd:boolean  optional  false    
Defines how the map image is returned in the response. By default, the map image is not returned in the response, and only an URL pointing to the image location is returned. If returnImage is set to "true", the map image will be returned as inline binary data in the response.
continueOnException  xsd:boolean  optional  true    
Deprecated: This attribute will be removed in future release. Defines whether the issues with rendering of underlying layers should be ignored or not. By default, the layer issue will be ignored. If ignoreLayer is set to false, the map image will not be returned and exception will be returned.
ratioAdjustment  tns:RatioAdjustment  optional  ExpandBounds    
Modifies the returned image to fit the defined extent of the window into the map image view. Specify ExpandBounds to have the defined window expanded to include more map information to fill the map view size if the current window is smaller than the defined map zoom and view.
A request to get a map image for a named map that is at a particular zoom level based on a defined window bounds (XY pair of screen image coordinates).

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