Standard Address Output

Standard address output consists of four lines of the address which correspond to how the address would appear on an address label. City, state/province, postal code, and other data is also included in standard address output. ValidateAddressLoqate returns standard address output for validated addresses if you. Standard address fields are always returned for addresses that could not be validated regardless of whether or not you. For non-validated addresses, the standard address output fields contain the address as it appeared in the input ("pass through" data). If you want ValidateAddressLoqate to standardize address according to postal authority standards when validation fails,.

Table 1. Standard Address Output

Response Element



Input data that could not be matched to a particular address component. For more information, see About Additional Input Data.


If the address was validated, the first line of the validated and standardized address. If the address could not be validated, the first line of the input address without any changes. There can be up to four address block output fields: AddressLine1 through AddressLine4.


The validated city name.


The country in the format determined by what you selected in :

  • ISO Code
  • UPU Code
  • English


The validated firm or company name.


The validated ZIP Code™ or postal code.


The 4-digit add-on part of the ZIP Code™. For example, in the ZIP Code™ 60655-1844, 1844 is the 4-digit add-on.


The 5-digit ZIP Code™; for example 20706.


The validated state/province or its abbreviated value.