Project Home

This topic provides help on creating, editing and deleting map projects.

The Project Home page allows you to set up a Map Project, which defines what maps are to be displayed, and what settings will be used to display them on the Spectrum Spatial Analyst application. A Map Project is a new concept in this release of Analyst and it replaces what was previously called a Map Configuration.

Note: This functionality is available only to the administrator. You must Sign-in to the Spectrum Spatial Analyst application to work on the map projects.
Once you have signed-in as Administrator, you will see Map Project > Project Home icon under the Option tab.

Click on the Project Home option to open the Projects Home window.

The Project Home page allows you to:
  1. Create map projects.
  2. Open existing map projects in Spectrum Spatial Analyst.
  3. Edit existing map projects.
  4. Access Help by clikcing icon on the top right hand corner. This help panel has various Spectrum Spatial Analyst user guides and utility links.
  5. Sign-out from the Admin mode from the top right corner.
  6. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the home page and sign in using a URL. For example- http://ssa-server-name:8010/connect/analyst/mobile/#/home