Creating a New Map Project

The home page shows a list of all projects with project thumbnail images. Using the projects list and filter option at the top you can filter and search for projects. When you mouse over or touch a project thumbnail you have options to delete or clone the project and to open it for viewing or for editing. You can also create a new project from here.
Figure: Project Home Page

To create a new project, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the icon on the Create new project tile to create a new project.
    A Name your project dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the name of your map project.
    Note: The map project name:
    • must contain only characters from the Latin alphabet
    • must not contain any spaces or special characters
    • is case sensitive
  3. Click Create New button.
The new map project page with the entered name appears. It has following sections available to define the project:
  • Base Map
  • Business Map
  • Project Settings
    • Profile Settings
    • Find My Nearest
    • Extents
    • Permissions
Note: A new map project is initially populated with the base maps and settings of the default map project. After you have created a new map project, you can open or edit it.