Back Up Models

It is recommended to back up models. Periodic backups allow you quickly recover a model if it is corrupted or accidentally deleted from the server.

Backed up models are stored in <Spectrum Technology Platform install path>/server/modules/hub/db/backups. This folder contains one folder for each backed up model (model.modelname). A folder contains all the data and metadata for its respective model. Queries and monitors are stored in the Spectrum configuration database and must be backed up as part of the Spectrum backup schedule.

You can use the Administrative Utility Command Line Interface (CLI) or the Relationship Analysis Client to back up Context Graph models. The CLI commands permit you to perform full or incremental backups of models and may be used in scripts that automate administrative tasks.

Method See

Command Line Interface

hub backup all
Backs up all Context Graph models.
hub backup model
Backs up a specific Context Graph model.

For additional Context Graph backup commands, see Context Graph Command Line Reference.

Relationship Analysis Client

Back Up Context Graph Models