Using Discovery

The Discovery feature enables you to load the smallest number of elements based on conditions specified in a query. It also enables you to load additional elements that are most important for the analysis task. For example, you could be using a model that contains terrorism data, and you might only want to see activity that is tied to a particular suspect, or entity. After you view this data, you may decide to look at other entities this suspect is connected to. You could use Discovery to load all elements connected to this suspect, or you could load only the elements who succeed, or follow, this suspect.

After you have reloaded your model to include additional elements, you may want to remove some of those elements. Using the previous example, perhaps the suspect has young sons or daughters as connections. Because of their age, you do not consider them suspects. You can use the Unload function to return entities with a relationship of "Son" or "Daughter".

Using Discovery Options, you can determine whether or not to restore additional relationships after performing a Discovery function. You can also set the maximum number of entities to return using Discovery.