Creating queries in Entity Browser

The Entity Browser allows you to quickly browse filtered subsets of entities in your model and view their property values.

  1. On the Context Graph Visualization workspaces bar, click the Entity Browser button button image.
    This opens the Entity Browser workspace.
  2. In the Model box on the toolbar, click a Context Graph model to select a model.
  3. In Entity types, click to expand the list of entity types.
    Tip: Enter any portion of an entity type name in the filter box button image to narrow the lists to names that include a string.
  4. Select the check box button image for each entity type that you want to browse.
    You can check or uncheck the check box next to the filter box button image to check or uncheck all entity types in the list.
  5. Click the Run query button button image to display the entities specified by a query.
    Entities are displayed in a table. You can click any column to reorder the table by values shown in the column. You can scroll down to view additional entities.
Completing this task displays entities for all of the selected entity types. By default, entities are ordered by the labels in the Entity column of the table.
You can now add property expressions to query entities by property values, change the default order or reorder entities, and select properties displayed in the query results table.