Adding expressions to a query

You can add expressions to the Entity Browser to only browse entities that meet specified criteria for their property values.

  1. To browse entities by property values, first choose how to combine expressions.
    If you chooseEntity property values must match
    That match ALL of the following All of the expressions, as in series of logical and statements.
    That match ANY of the following At least one of the expressions, as in a series of logical or statements.

    You can click the Clear expressions button on the initial Match ALL or Match ANY operator to clear all expressions under it.

  2. To sequentially add expressions within the Match ALL or Match ANY operator, click the Add property expression button .
  3. Select the property that you want to evaluate.
  4. Select an expression operator with which to evaluate the property.
  5. Select whether to evaluate the property based on a Literal value or a Field value:


    Enter a name for the field, then on the Input tab enter a value for the field.

    The expression will use the field entry to evaluate the property.

    Note: When you save a query, values entered on the Input tab are saved as the default values for the fields.


    Enter a literal value.

    The expression will use this value to evaluate the property.

  6. To add an expression immediately after any existing expression, click the Insert property expression button next to an expression, and repeat steps 3 through 5 to add the expression.
    You can click the Delete expression button to remove an expression along with any subordinate expressions. Alternatively, uncheck the check box next to an expression to exclude it without removing it. You can then always check the check box to include it again in a subsequent query.
  7. Optional: To add a subordinate expression, click the Insert subordinate expression button next to an expression, then choose whether to Match ALL or Match ANY of the following expressions, and repeat steps 2 through 6.
    The outcome of a parent expression depends on the evaluation of the subordinate expressions.
  8. Optional: To reorder expressions, drag the Drag expression handle on an expression to a different position.
  9. Before running the query, enter values in any fields displayed on the Input tab.
  10. Click the Run query button to display the filtered list of entities.
Completing this task displays entities in the Entity Browser that fulfill the combined expressions.