Using The Routing Demo Page

While using the interactive interface for demonstrating routing capabilities, follow these instructions:

  • Database - Change the routing database resource used in the demo. To change the database resource, select the database resource from the drop down list. Only resources configured with Spectrum will show in this list.
  • Service Tab - Select either Travel Boundary or Route for the appropriate service to demo.
  • Points - Both services use points in the operations (Base, Start, or End Point). Either enter the point information manually, or right click a position on the map, and select the type of point.
  • Advanced Options - Add additional routing options to the request. To add additional routing options, click on Advanced Options and provide the options. For more information on the service REST parameters and options, see GetTravelBoundary or GetRoute.
  • Apply - Initiate the REST request, returning the map image and displaying the REST request used to generate the map. To make a request, provide all the required parameters (*), and click Apply.
  • Clear - Remove the map image, or the field data, or both. To clear the routing information on the map or the field data, click the Clear drop down and select either All, Data, or Map.
  • Change User - Change the user which you are currently logged in. To change the user, click the Change User button, enter the User Name and Password, click Next.