Point in Polygon

The Point in Polygon component takes either a geometry (a point) or longitude (X) and latitude(Y) coordinates and identifies the geographic area (or "polygon") in which the point resides by searching a named table of polygons. It can also determine the distance to the edge of a polygon.

Polygons can be defined to represent the specific spatial characteristics you are interested in. For example, you may be interested in areas like flood plains, congressional districts, or sales territories. Additional examples include:

  • Banking—Identify market penetration in neighborhoods surrounding individual branches.
  • Insurance—Identify rating territory, flood zone, or distance to the coast.
  • Retail—Target messages in a catalog, direct mail piece, zoned newspaper ad, or billboard to a specific market.
  • Telecommunications—Determine if a prospect is eligible for DSL service.

Point in Polygon is part of Spectrum Spatial. For more information about this module, including a listing of other components included with it, see Spatial Stages.

ACL Authorization Flow

To find a nearest point of interest, the user (or the role they belong to) needs EXECUTE permission 0n the Named table.