Spectrum Technology Platform user accounts control the types of actions users can perform on the system.

User accounts are required to:
  • Use tools like Spectrum Management Console, Spectrum Enterprise Designer, Discovery, and command-line tools
  • Run jobs on a schedule
  • Run jobs from the command line
  • Access services through web services or the API

There is an administrative account, admin, that comes with the system. This account has full access. The initial password is "admin".

Important: You should change the admin password immediately after installing Spectrum Technology Platform to prevent unauthorized administrative access to your system. Note that passwords, including those for the Web utilities, must contain one of the following special characters:
name symbol
ampersand &
asterisk *
at @
circumflex ^
dollar $
double quote "
hash/pound #
percent %
splat !

You can create as many user accounts as you need.