Spectrum Technology Platform comes with these some predefined roles.

A role is a collection of permissions that grant or deny access to different parts of the system. Roles typically reflect the kinds of interactions that a particular type of user has with the system. For example, you may have one role for dataflow designers which grants access to create and modify dataflows, and another role for people who only need to process data through existing dataflows.

Spectrum Technology Platform comes with these roles already defined:

This role has full access to all parts of the system.
This role is for users that create dataflows and process flows in Spectrum Enterprise Designer. It provides the ability to design and run dataflows.
This role is for users who need to process data through Spectrum Technology Platform but do not need to create or modify dataflows. It allows the user to access services through web services and the API, and to run jobs.
This is the default role. It provides no access to the system. Users who have this role will only gain access to the system if you grant permission through secured entity overrides.

To view the permissions granted to each of these roles, open Spectrum Management Console, go to Security and click Roles. Then select the role you want to view and click View.

Tip: You cannot modify the predefined roles. However, you can create new roles using the predefined roles as a starting point.