Request URL Data Types

The following table lists the common data types for URL parameters to a REST service method.

Although the method parameters (like all URL parameters) are essentially just strings, this table shows how the various types of data must be formatted in the URL of the method call.

Note: The 'value' portion of a method parameter 'name=value' pair is case sensitive.
Name Description Format Example
Bounds A comma-separated array of four numbers of type Float. float,float,float,float view=-180,-90,180,90
CoordSys A geographical coordinate system. EPSG format coordsys=EPSG:4269
Country An ISO country code. 2 or 3 character ISO country code country=CA
Double A double-precision floating point number. [sign]integer.integer radius=6.25
Integer An integer number. [sign]integer maxCandidates=10
Language The language used for the service method response. [ISO language code]_[ISO country code] language=en_CA
LinearUnit A unit of measure for distance. One of the following values: M, DM, KM, FT, YD, or MI. distanceUnit=KM
Point A point in 2D geometry. An x and y value pair separated by a space. Both x and y are Float values. In the service request URL, the space separator is encoded as '%20'. point=3.57%20-1.89
Polygon A polygon geometry. An array of Points. Points in the array are separated by a comma character.

3.45%204.56, ... ,

Rectangle A rectangle geometry. An array of two Points. The two Points in the array are separated by a comma character.


String A string of characters that is not required to be formatted as one of the other data types in this table. An arbitrary string value. Any string of valid URL-encoded characters. city=New%20York