Geometry Service


The Geometry Service provides a simplified interface to perform Geometry Service measurements, conversions, and operations. The Geometry Service provides four different types of capabilities:

  • Aggregate (buffer, centroid, envelope, union, intersection, convex hull, difference, symdifference)
  • Transformation (coordinate transformations)
  • Measurement (area, distance, length, perimeter)
  • Predicate (contains, intersects, within)

This service provides a set of common operations that you can use to perform operations on content, regardless of the data provider. One advantage is that you can run the exact same operation against many different content repositories (for example, a native TAB file, an Oracle table, or a SQL Server table) by specifying different named tables; the same operation will work on each table type. Using the Geometry Service, you only need to worry about the request, not the location or type of data in the repository.

The Geometry Service is based on the well known mathematical concepts described in the OGC Simple Features Specification.

Service URLs

The URL endpoint for the Geometry Service has the following general form:


The URL for the Geometry Service WSDL document has the following general form:


The URL for the Geometry Service demo page has the following general form:



To see the full documentation for the Geometry Service, see the Services section in the Spectrum Technology Platform Spectrum Spatial Guide.