Adding Guest Access

Guest access in Spectrum Spatial Analyst allows anyone to browse to it anonymously without signing in.

When Spectrum Spatial Analyst was installed you may have chosen to enable guest access and entered a user name and password for the guest user. To complete guest acess setup or to add guest access after installation, an admin:

  1. Creates a guest role in the Management Console. This role has read-only (View) permission to Spatial resources.
  2. Creates a guest user in the Management Console and assigns them the guest role. Users have the permissions of the role assigned to them.
  3. Enables guest access for a Spectrum Spatial Analyst installation by updating its file with the guest user name and password.

When guest access is enabled, the guest user does not need to sign into Spectrum Spatial Analyst to view maps. The maps that the guest role has permission to view are visible to the guest user.