Enabling Guest Access in Spectrum Spatial Analyst

For a Spectrum Spatial Analyst installation to recognize a guest user, an administrator (admin) must update its shared properties file to enable public access for the guest user name and password.

The relevant settings for guest access in this file are:

Property Description
access.authenticated.enabled = true
This should always be true. Otherwise, only guest access works and other users cannot sign in.
access.public.enabled = true
This is true if guest access is enabled. Otherwise, it is false.
The user name for the guest user (used if guest access is enabled).
The password for the guest user (used if guest access is enabled).

To update the Spectrum Spatial Analyst shared.properties file with the guest user:

  1. Open the file in a text editor. This file is in the following folder where Install_Dir is the Spectrum Spatial Analyst installation directory:


    For a default Spectrum Spatial Analyst installation, the properties file would be under:

    C:\Program Files\Precisely\SpectrumSpatialAnalyst\customerconfigurations\_global_\shared.properties

  2. Set the following properties for guest access:
    Warning: The access.authenticated.enabled property is set to true by default. When set to false, only guest access works.
  3. Save your changes and close the file.
  4. Restart the Precisely AnalystConnect service to have these changes take effect. To do this, open the Windows Services Manager from:
    • The command prompt, type services.msc or
    • The Windows search box, type services. If your search bar isn't displaying correctly or is hidden, press and hold (or right-click) the taskbar and select Search > Show search box.

    In the Windows Services dialog, right-click Precisely AnalystConnect and select Restart.

The Analyst guest user is now configured for Spectrum Spatial Analyst.