Web Map Service Capabilities

The Spectrum Technology Platform Web Map Service supports three capabilities which are described in this section.

In accordance with the Open GIS Consortium's Web Map Service Implementation Specification, the Spectrum Technology Platform WMS provides the following operations:

GetCapabilities – This capability retrieves service-level metadata including the server name, the available layers and styles, abstracts about the data, and the supported request parameters.

GetMap – This capability is used to request a map image using well-defined geospatial and dimensional parameters containing layers, styles, boundaries, image format, and spatial reference system (coordinate system of the data being retrieved).

GetFeatureInfo – This capability is used to request information for a feature at a given point on the map after a GetMap has been called.

All of these request types are case-sensitive.

These capabilities can be viewed using the Spectrum Spatial Manager utility. For more information see Managing WMS Layers and Configuration.

Note: If you are using this service we strongly recommend you do not disable Basic authentication, which leaves only token authentication available on the server. For more information, see Web Service Authentication.