Spectrum Spatial provides an OGC-compliant Web Map Service (WMS) that can expose spatial resources in your repository for use by others. Built to the OCG specifications for WMS versions 1.1.1 and 1.3.0 (located at, Spectrum Spatial allows clients to request and servers to deliver spatially referenced map images and information over the Internet or private intranet through the HTTP protocol. Any client that is built to the OGC specification can view your service and make requests for maps and information.

The Spectrum Spatial WMS provides operations that:
  • describe the service capabilities such as available layers and coordinate system
  • get an image of a map
  • get information about features at a given point

The georeferenced resources provided in a basic WMS are organized into "layers" and offers a number of predefined "styles" in which to display those layers.

The WMS service and resources you expose to WMS are configured and managed using Spectrum Spatial Manager, see Managing WMS Layers and Configuration.