Building an Index with the PGD Builder


This process generates an index (a PGD or prepared geometry file) for a single TAB file. It creates one PGD file for each TAB file, except in the case of a seamless TAB for which it creates a PGD file for each sub-TAB in the seamless TAB.


PGDBuilder -f <file> [-p <parallel>]


Parameter Required Description
-f <file> yes Path and file name for the TAB file for which you are generating a PGD file.
-p <parallel> no The maximum number of concurrent processes to run The default is the number of CPUs available on the machine.

When generating PGD files for a seamless TAB, one thread is used for each sub-TAB and these threads are run concurrently. In this case, consider setting a lower number to prevent performance issues with your machine.


This request will generate a PGD file for the file.

PGDBuilder -f C:/data/

This request will generate a PGD file for a seamless TAB file, limited to 4 concurrent threads.

PGDBuilder -f C:/ -p 4