Monitoring Performance with the Spectrum JMX Console

The Spectrum JMX console is a browser-enabled tool that provides a performance monitoring tool that records performance statistics for each stage in a dataflow.

  1. Open a web browser and go to http://server:port/jmx-console


    server is the IP address or host name of your Spectrum Technology Platform server.

    port is the HTTP port used by Spectrum Technology Platform. The default is 8080.

  2. Log in using the admin account.
  3. Under Domain: com.pb.spectrum.platform.performance, click com.pb.spectrum.platform.performance:service=PerformanceMonitorManager.
  4. Click the Invoke button next to enable.
  5. Click Return to MBean View to go back to the PerformanceMonitorManager screen.

Performance monitoring is now enabled. When a dataflow runs, the performance statistics will display at the top of the PerformanceMonitorManager screen. Note the following:

  • You must refresh the screen to see updates.
  • To reset the counters, click the Invoke button next to reset.
  • If you stop the Spectrum Technology Platform server, performance monitoring will be turned off. You will have to turn it back on when you start the server again.