Restarting Spectrum Spatial

You can use the Spectrum Spatial Manager to restart Spectrum Spatial remote component to clear the cache or pick up new settings without restarting the Spectrum Technology Platform.

How to Restart Spectrum Spatial

  1. Launch Spectrum Spatial Manager.
  2. Click Settings and then open the Settings sub-menu.
  3. Click Re-start from Re-start Spectrum Spatial. A warning message displays.
    Note: Some requests can fail during restart, so we recommend restarting when there is no traffic.
  4. Click Yes to restart.

Cases where Spectrum Spatial Restart is Helpful

  1. Spectrum Spatial caches table structures, geometry, and index-related information that does not modify frequently. The data in the tables is mostly static, but may refresh occasionally. When deploying new data, we recommend restarting Spectrum Spatial to clear the cache. You can update a table’s volatile setting from the Modify Table capability in Spectrum Spatial Manager.
    To understand the volatility of a data source, click here.
    • For file-based tables, like tab or shape files, restart the Spectrum Spatial when the table structure or data has changed.
    • In the case of database tables, restart the Spectrum Spatial only when the structure of the table has been modified.