Changing the HTTP Port Number for Spectrum Spatial

The HTTP port is used to access all Spectrum Technology Platform web services, whether via REST or SOAP, and for the Welcome page, sample apps and Spectrum Spatial Manager.

After Spectrum Technology Platform is installed, you can change the existing port settings that were assigned during installation by manually editing the global, startup, and individual service configuration files. There are several reasons you may need to change the port number:

  • A port conflict occurs after installation.
  • You want to try out a new version of Spectrum Technology Platform without removing your old one. Since you cannot install them both, you can turn off the existing version and install a Spectrum Technology Platform image that uses a different port.
  • You need a proxy on port 8080 but have a limited number of ports to expose externally, so you would like to move Spectrum Technology Platform without re-creating all your settings and data flows.
Note: This task is only for experienced administrators who have application server experience changing port numbers, as network port conflicts can result in module components failing to start. One indication that a component has failed to start is if it does not appear in the Management Console. To troubleshoot the problem, look at the Spectrum Technology Platform server wrapper log. This log shows which port is causing the problem. You can find the wrapper log in: <install_folder>\server\logs\spectrum-server.log.

To change the port number:

  1. In change the value of spectrum.http.port to the new port number. This file is located in <install_folder>/server/conf.
  2. In Spectrum Spatial Manager, change the port numbers in these service configurations:
    • Mapping (only necessary when accessing the Mapping Service via SOAP and when the ReturnImage parameter for a RenderMap request is False)
    • WFS
    • WMS
    • WMTS

    For instructions, see Spectrum Spatial Manager under Managing Spectrum Spatial in the Spectrum Spatial Guide.

    If you are relocating the server so it can use a different port, it is likely that the Spectrum Technology Platform server is not running. You will not be able to edit the service configuration files until the server is running. You will need to start the server, edit the configurations and restart the server.

  3. Restart Spectrum Technology Platform so the ports and property changes can take effect.