Configuring Request Timeouts

Spectrum Spatial lets you set a timeout for SOAP and REST operations as part of a request to the Mapping and Feature services.

Slow requests may take a long time to finish and can consume server resources so that the server might not respond to other requests. You can set a timeout for SOAP and REST requests to the Mapping and Feature services to protect the server from overload. When the timeout is enabled (timeout > 0 seconds), Spectrum Spatial monitors requests and terminates them when they do not finish during the timeout period. During termination, Spectrum Spatial cancels processing threads and releases resources (CPU and Memory).

The timeout feature is disabled by default. To set these timeout features, see Setting Java Properties.

Properties Name Default Value (in seconds)
timeout.feature.value -1
timeout.mapping.value -1

A negative value (such as -1) disables the timeout feature.

Configuring a Query Timeout

When terminating a request that is accessing a database, the query may continue to run in the database. To prevent this from happening, you can set up a query timeout set to the same value as the request timeout. The query timeout terminates the query in the database when there is a request timeout. The following example shows a query timeout value of 30 seconds.

Properties Name Value (in seconds)
pool.database.jdbcInterceptors QueryTimeoutInterceptor(queryTimeout=30)