MapInfo Workspace (MWS) Import

The MapInfo Workspace (MWS) Import is a command in the Administration Utility. This utility installs with the Spectrum Technology Platform and downloads from the Spectrum Technology Platform Welcome Page.

The limrepo mwsimport command in the Spectrum Technology Platform Administration Utility allows you to provision a map from a MapInfo Workspace (MWS) file that has been created either by MapInfo Pro or the MapXtreme Workspace Manager into the Spectrum Spatial repository. The import will create the named map and all its dependent resources (layers, tables and connections). The connection is named by appending 'Connection’ to the map name. The named tables and named layers are created in subfolders (NamedTables and NamedLayers, respectively).

Launching the MapInfo Workspace (MWS) Import Command

For instructions on how to download and install the Administration Utility, see Getting Started with the Administration Utility.

For information about the limrepo mwsimport command, see limrepo mwsimport .