MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro is a location intelligence application that offers world class map data creation and spatial analysis functionality. Consider it a co-application with Spectrum Spatial where GIS users build the data and mapping content that is then shared with other users across the organization via Spectrum Spatial's WMS, WMTS, and WFS services.

The tool to get the data from MapInfo Pro to Spectrum Spatial is the MapBasic application Map Uploader. Once the data is in Spectrum Spatial it can be further analyzed and manipulated through the Enterprise Designer and the Feature Service.

Note: MapInfo Pro installs separately from the Spectrum Technology Platform.

Data Compatibility

Spectrum Spatial supports nearly every data format that is familiar to MapInfo Pro users, including native .TAB and native extended .TAB (NativeX), .TAB DBF, Shapefiles, RDBMS, and rasters and grids. Maps and data created in any version of MapInfo Pro can be brought into Spectrum Spatial. Both products support the same themes, styles, override capabilities and coordinate systems.

Data Connectivity

Both MapInfo Pro and Spectrum Spatial can connect to the same database where no data has to be moved. Spectrum Spatial supports the same remote databases, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and SQLite. Both products can access .TAB files on a network file server.

Data Management

Unlike MapInfo Pro, Spectrum Spatial does not use workspaces that store paths to .TAB files. Instead it has map, layer and table definitions that live in a repository and reads those resources to render maps and access data. These resources can be used as a tool to organize your content in one central repository. The resources can point to .TAB files and databases from a hierarchy that doesn't care where the data lives. Only the resources need to be updated if the data is moved.

Data Manipulation and Analysis

Spectrum Spatial supports the most common geometry processing operations, such as Combine (Union), Buffer, Convex Hull, through its dataflow designer or through SOAP/REST API calls. You can search your data via the Spectrum Spatial Feature Service using query syntax that you are already familiar with.

Capability Differences

MapInfo Pro:

  • Table creation, editing, schema design and editing, saving and deleting.
  • Read MS Access, Excel, ascii, text (CSV) and Lotus files.
  • Large set of geometry processing operations including Aggregate operations (combine, erase, split)
  • Supports raster reprojection
  • Supports queries based on MapBasic SQL
  • Desktop user interface for all operations.
Spectrum Spatial:
  • Pass down queries to a database for better performance
  • Query and create themes on seamless tables
  • Supports queries based on MI SQL
  • Supports repeatable dataflow data operations that integrate Geocoding, Routing, Spatial as well as all other Spectrum modules.
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA) built for scalability and multiple users.