Spectrum Spatial Manager

Spectrum Spatial Manager is a web application that provides a view of the Spectrum Spatial repository to browse, search, and manage named resources as well as configure services such as the Feature Service, Mapping Service, and settings for OGC services (WFS, WMS, and WMTS).

With Spectrum Spatial Manager you can:

  • Create and modify named connections, tables, WMTS layers, and tiles
  • View details for named connections, tables, maps, layers, WMTS layers, and tiles
  • Configure WMS, WFS, and WMTS settings as well as create and modify WMS and WMTS layers and WFS feature types
  • Configure the Feature Service and Mapping Service
  • Search, rename, move, and delete resources that exist in the repository
  • Create, rename, and delete folders in the repository

To preserve connections between resources, Spectrum Spatial Manager is the preferred tool for renaming, moving, or deleting named resources.

For more information about Spectrum Spatial Manager, see Spectrum Spatial Manager.