Usage Statistics

Usage statistics capture details about every server request from Spectrum Spatial Analyst while users are interacting with the application. The information identifies the user, their session ID, and what maps and layers they are requesting for map rendering and feature queries.

Information is stored in .csv format log files, so you can easily integrate and query this information with your existing tools for monitoring a Spectrum Spatial deployment, managing data sources, or finding insights about user behavior based on data requests and analysis.

These detailed logs include the following information:

  • Time of request
  • Originating IP (of the client browser)
  • User agent (of the client browser)
  • Tenant (always set to analyst)
  • Current map project
  • Operation
  • Base URL
  • URL parameters
  • Username
  • Session ID (unique for each user session)
  • HTTP response status code
  • Response size (bytes)
  • Response time (in minutes and seconds)

Logs are archived at the end of each day to a single .csv file and then saved to a sub-folder for the year and month.