Fixing Invalid Geometries in your Data

If you have invalid geometries in your data, note the geometry ID and the reason for the geometry not being valid. To fix these geometries, use MapInfo Pro to edit the data:

  1. Open the table containing the invalid geometries using MapInfo Pro.
  2. From the menu, select Query > SQL Select.
  3. Create and run the query (select * from table where rowid=1). Make sure you use the invalid rowid from the utility output of the geometry you are fixing.
  4. Select Window > New Map Window and select the query you just ran.
  5. In the Layer Control make the Query Map editable in order to see the geometry.
  6. Correct the geometry by either deleting it (you can do that after the geometry is selected by pressing delete) or modifying it to correct the validity.
  7. Save the TAB file.